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We often get asked, “What’s the best way to help?”

Our answer is simple: You don’t have to fly to Haiti to make a difference (although it’s a quicker flight than you think).  In fact, the best way you can help is by staying right where you are. We need passionate people to spread awareness about the crisis in Haiti and then, raise money to help the children of Haiti. So roll up your sleeves and use that laptop or cell phone you’re holding. It’s your most powerful tool to show some love to those kids!
Start by following us on twitter, facebook, instagram, and our blog.

Start by following us on twitter, facebook, youtube, and our blog.

Here are a few other ways you can help!

Start Fundraising!

Click on the icon above to start your own fundraising campaign. Never done one before, no worries – we can help you!


Live in Asheville, NC? Join our board, help us plan fundraising events & upcoming trips to Haiti!

Spread the Word!

Your voice is your best tool to help spread the word about Consider Haiti! With our banners, Facebook & Twitter backgrounds, posters and videos you can help us more than you know! (NOTE: COMING SOON – stay tuned!)

Request a Speaker?

If you have an upcoming event and you would like someone from Consider Haiti to come present to your organization click here to request a speaker.

Our Supporters SAY

Kristi Sanborn Miller https://safetyfirstnursing.com/consider-haiti-making-difference/

God uses you guys to feed people and give them health support..... you are doing a awesome work... and God will bless much more every single day... be blessed and keep going!

K. Mario from Facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a 501C3 organization?

Yes, Consider Haiti is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Therefore, all donations are considered tax deductible.

How much of your contributions go directly to your programs?

At least 95% of our contributions go directly back to our programs in Haiti. We do our very best to provide the best medical and nutritional resources to our Haitian agents without sacrificing quality. We keep our administrative costs down so we can optimize the amount of proceeds that go to help the children of Haiti.

How can I get involved with Consider Haiti's efforts?

We are always looking for help! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, click here.

Who runs Consider Haiti?

Consider Haiti is 100% volunteer based. We have elected Board Members who provide leadership support. Our volunteer teams help with everything from assisting with fundraising projects to helping gather supplies for upcoming medical trips.