Haitians Battered by Hurricane

Haitians Battered by Hurricane

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LACADONIE, Haiti — When the rain comes at night in these distant mountains, the people flee what homes they have left. They race down hills threaded with stones and ragged palm branches, the earth the color of rust.

They arrive at a cave carved into the hillside, the only sanctuary left after the storm. It is a holy place now, having saved hundreds of villagers during the worst of Hurricane Matthew, when nature tore their homes to the ground. It is still the only thing to protect them.

For four days and nights, they huddled in its womb before emerging, frightened the hurricane might return. They slept on a floor of stacked boulders near the cave’s mouth, lighting small fires for warmth and light.

When they left, they salvaged enough to shield them from the sun, a few corroded sheets of zinc and scattered wooden beams. But when it rains they return to the cave, their shacks unable to keep the water out. And despite the odor and humidity, the unforgiving crags and profound darkness, they are thankful.

“It is our house that God created when we most needed it,” said Destine Jean, one of the villagers who first alerted the government of the closest town, Beaumont, to the people living in caves. “Without this cave, a lot of people would have died. This is the only shelter we have.”

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Consider Haiti’s project director Eddy Prophete reports, “We have reviewed our programs (sustainable nutrition, clean water and the farm).


1. Goats: To replace the 27 goats killed by Hurricane Matthew in Fond Baptiste,
Ivory, Montrouis and Sous-Borgne, we would need $1,350 US. Remember
that the goats have become more expensive, costing $50 each.


2. Food and Hygiene: Besides the monthly distribution of food to families
currently enrolled in the sustainable nutrition program, we need to have an
additional distribution of food and hygiene kits to families active in programs
and others who have recently completed it. It would cost $3,300 ($30 of
supplies for 110 families).

3. Water filtration: 15 water filters at $10 each cost US $ 150.

4. The Farm requires work such as cleaning out the well, garden cleaning,
barrier repair, replanting and retouching of the fence. These works would
cost US $ 550.

Grand total: 1350 + 3300 + 150 + 550 = US $ 5,350.

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