Cost of Damages from Hurricane

Cost of Damages from Hurricane

Below you will find a  letter outlining Hurricane Matthew’s Program Damage from Consider Haiti Staff Leader Eddy Prophete

Good evening,
We have reviewed our programs (sustainable nutrition, clean water and the farm).
1. Goats: To replace the 27 goats killed by Hurricane Matthew in Fond Baptiste, Ivory, Montrouis and Sous-Borgne, we would need $1,350 US. Remember that the goats have become more expensive, costing $50 each.

2. Food and Hygiene: Besides the monthly distribution of food to families currently enrolled in the sustainable nutrition program, we need to have an additional distribution of food and hygiene kits to families active in programs and others who have recently completed it. It would cost $3,300 ($30 of supplies for 110 families).

3. Water filtration: 15 water filters at $10 each cost US $ 150.

4. The Farm requires work such as cleaning out the well, garden cleaning, barrier repair, replanting and retouching of the fence. These works would cost US $ 550.

Grand total: 1350 + 3300 + 150 + 550 = US $ 5,350.

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