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Providing medical and nutritional assistance to one of the poorest children in the world!
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We are ASHEVILLE’S Best Export! Our single, URGENT goal is to promote the health and welfare of the children of Haiti. This year we will help the lives of over 2000 Haitian children and their families.

our mission

Our mission is simple. We are a 100% donation based non-profit with one objective- to promote the health and welfare of the children of Haiti. We do this by concentrating our efforts in four core programs. These programs allow us to provide sustainable, long-term support to the children of Haiti, their families and ultimately, their communities.

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our vision

Haiti is the poorest country both economically and medically in the Western Hemisphere and one of the poorest in the world. Of every one thousand children born in Haiti, 139 will die before reaching the age of five. Our vision is to help as many children as possible. Every child counts!

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Providing sustainable health and medical care! Our four CORE PROGRAMS

We keep it simple by concentrating all of our efforts in FOUR core programs. We partner with Haitian community agents to provide the training, resources, and support they need to oversee local programs targeted at helping the children of Haiti and their most desperate needs.

Sustainable Nutrition

This program involves the distribution of goats, rabbits and other agricultural products to impoverished families along with instructions on how to use these resources to build sustainable sources of food and income.


Community Health

Using local health agents, we enroll malnourished children in a six month program to rehabilitate their bodies. We provide food, nutritional supplements, deworming medicine and vitamins.


Clean Water

As contaminated water is a major cause of acute and chronic illnesses in Haiti, we also provide filtered water to each family with a child in our program.


Medical Care

We organize and send teams of medical volunteers to Haiti to provide medical care to these children. All trip participants pay their own airfare and room and board.


Here are IMAGES from OUR current PROGRAMS

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